Extremely Knowledgeable and Professional

Marcie is truly outstanding. She works VERY closely with the client always keeping their best interest at heart. She responds extremely quickly with answers to all questions and takes on action items freely. She makes herself available at all times and shows a deep dedication to her clients. She shows consummate professionalism and is extremely knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Marcie.

Knowledge Expert

Marcie was very helpful to us during all phases of the sales process. We interviewed various other real estate associates, from the 3 top selling agencies in the area, and are most pleased that we chose Marcie to assist us. Her market knowledge, professional demeanor, and project focus are valuable.

Exceptional Service

Marcie went above and beyond to ready the home and make it more presentable, also assisting with inspection access really made a difference for me!

Marcie Found Our Dream House!!

Client comment: I have dealt with many real estate companies and agents over the course of my life, both as a client but also as an attorney handling real estate closings in CT, and have walked away after each transaction not able to recommend any of them. Until I met Marcie Thorngate Smith I had a very poor opinion of real estate agents. Marcie Thorngate Smith blew that opinion out of the water!! She and I have been looking at properties for 4 years. She has throughout all this time been determined, patient, helpful, and always available to myself and my family for showings, advice, statistics, etc. Our patience was rewarded when Marcie found our dream house!! Throughout the closing process Marcie was literally a superstar!!! While always maintaining her patience and good humor she fielded endless calls from us her nervous buyers. She played interference for us with the sellers, she endlessly answered our questions about the closing process, she went to the inspection with us and wrote down questions for the seller, when repairs were being made she stopped in to inspect the progress and then sent pictures to us when the repairs had been completed. She was phenomenal in EVERY way. My sisters and I own a property in Chatham that we inherited from our father and when we decide to sell Marcie is the one I want to handle it. I want her to be our selling agent, I want her to do the open houses, I want her to market our home. Marcie is a true gem and given any opportunity I will shout her praises from the rooftops and will recommend her to anyone I come across who needs a real estate agent on the Cape. She is a consummate professional and I know anyone I recommend to her will feel the same way. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to commend Marcie Thorngate Smith. Sincerely, Anne McGee Morcone